Back in December, R&B star-in-the-making Ray BLK released her breakout single "50/50" and now, for her latest single "My Hood", she's drafted in the Wicked Skengman himself: Stormzy. The single, taken from her upcoming self-released project Everybody Loves Ray, is a synth-led bubbler with rousing major chords and gently deployed piano keys. Naturally, Ray BLK's vocals are as silky smooth and appealing as ever, playing out over an unimposing but likable beat. Over that sunny half-time beat, Stormzy delivers some calm bars about growing up in his hood, for better for worse. For all your area's faults, as Ray says, "there's no place like home." "My Hood" doesn't shy away from the negatives, but it puts a greater shine on the positives in a way that could only come from an accomplished songwriter.

[via The FADER]