The likelihood of Makonnen and Lil Yachty's upcoming collaborative mixtape turning out to be five flame emojis is high, as evidenced by their first release together, "Loaded Up." The Danny Wolf-produced banger offered a taste of what these two Atlanta representatives could cook up in the studio, and now fans get another dose of dope with "If You Down."

This time around Danny Wolf hooks up with SenseiATL to deliver a smooth backdrop that Makonnen and Yachty use to serenade the girls with. "Baby if you down to keep it real with me/I be down to keep it real with you," Makonnen croons passionately, before hitting listeners with a sweet Auto-Tuned verse. Yachty follows the Red Dragon up with his own infectious performance where he opens up about treating his queen the right way.

While "Loaded Up" and If You Down" showcase Makonnen and Yachty's skill set, Danny Wolf also shines with his beat-making abilities. "I'm only 19 but I want the competition to know I'm not playing games this year!" Danny told us over email. Check out "If You Down" below.

As a bonus, bump Makonnen's remix of "Sound Like Who?" featuring Yachty and Larry League.