It turns out there are people who have been singing Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real" wrong for over a decade. On the 2001 hit, Lopez recruited Ja Rule for an insanely good remix that opened up with him shouting to Lopez: "What's my motherfucking name?" In response, she replied by spelling out his name: "R-U-L-E." However, some people thought she was instead asking, "Are you Ellie?"

Apparently, this is an issue many contended with, according to a Jezebel article that asks, "Where Were You When You Figured Out What J. Lo's Actual First Line Was in 'I'm Real'?" The author brought the topic up at a party and then texted her friend Ellie to get her take on the subject. "Honestly, like I KNEW he wasn't saying that. But that is what I always heard," the friend named Ellie replied.

Sure, the song dropped at a time before Genius or any other lyric annotation site existed. Really though? there were few records as big in 2001 as "I'm Real." The song's video completely dominated TRL and pretty much all of MTV with a visual that perfectly encapsulated the '00s aesthetic of a Juicy sweatsuit and big sunglasses. 

If you're wondering how Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez are doing in 2016, here's a quick rundown. Ja Rule still doesn't understand how the internet works and was most recently seen smacking a fan during a performance at his current residency at Atlantic City's Harrah's Pool After Dark. At least he's real. On the flipside, Lopez is still conquering the music industry, and pretty much every other industry, with her multi-faceted career and new single, "Ain't Your Mama." 

Peep the tweets below to see how people reacted to finding out the lyric wasn't "are you Ellie?" on "I'm Real."

@dullea_sierra literally thought the same thing for like 2 years

— nihaokylan✌ (@KylanPrince) May 11, 2016

I'm an idiot. I thought J. Lo was saying "Are you Ellie" in "I'm Real"

She's spelling out Ja Rule's name. "R-U-L-E" Wow.

— Antoine Fontaine (@twonnycakes) May 11, 2016

fuck... I'm so mad I just learned J Lo is saying "R-U-L-E", like Ja Rule, in 'I'm Real' and not "Are you Ellie?" :-/

— pudding man (@ineedahitta) May 11, 2016

@shaina_spins AM I AN IDIOT. I literally didn't know hahah and I love Ja rule so fucking much I swore she was saying Ellie idk why

— M (@muurganmarz) May 11, 2016

I literally just learned JLo was spelling Ja Rule's name today & not saying "Are you Ellie?" & I'm laughing like a loon all alone.

— am (@anothrmonstr) May 11, 2016

ARE YOU ELLIE!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😭😭

— • (@ashnicksss) May 11, 2016

Are you Ellie? @Ruleyork

— griyo (@Diri_Kole) May 11, 2016

Lmao I thought it was Ellie too 😂😂😂

— AceBoogie (@AceBoog36700006) May 11, 2016

What would "are you Ellie" even mean?

— Brendan Clancy (@BrendanClancy) May 11, 2016

lmaoooo now I can't stop replaying this song and hearing "are you ellie?" 😭😭😭😭 y'all really don't respect a cultural legend JA RULE

— ike (@IOjr) May 11, 2016

Mfw my roommate thought J.Lo was asking Ja Rule "Are You Ellie?" on "I'm Real"

— Erik Carlson (@ErikCarlsonn) May 11, 2016