With Gucci Mane officially out of prison, Twitter has absolutely lost it. The news came out of nowhere, which led fans to waste no time getting the memes and jokes off, while also celebrating Gucci's long-awaited release. While Gucci has yet to drop any new music (we're sure that's coming), most have quickly noticed that he lost his gut in prison and is now sporting a fresh six-pack for the summer.

It seems Gucci is already back in the studio, but we hope he takes a minute to jump back on social media and download Snapchat, which is how news of his release first broke. One fan even up and quit his job upon hearing the news of Gucci's release while others are calling on Snapchat to create a Gucci Mane ice cream cone filter.

Though it's far too early to know what Gucci has planned for his release in the coming months, fans are mostly just happy that one of the more popular rappers over the past decade is finally free. You can check out the full social media reaction below, and keep up with all things relating to Gucci's release right here