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Ice Cube stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show today to promote his new movie Barbershop 3: The Next Cut. While he was there, Ellen had him play a hilarious gamed called "Rap Song or Wrong Song." During the game, Ellen displayed the name of a song, and both her and Cube had to guess whether it was the name of a real rap song or a fake one. Considering Cube is a hip-hop OG, you would think this would have been easy for him, but Ellen actually managed to trip him up quite a bit.

She displayed song titles like "Ms. Fat Booty," "Can't Afford This Cable," and "Got Some Teeth." After the latter turned out to be a real song by Obie Trice, Ice Cube cracked up and exclaimed "Obie Trice, what kind of women do you meet?" The entire clip is typical Ellen, which is to say fun, feel good messing with celebrities. You can check out the clip above and see if you can rack up more correct answers than the former N.W.A. rapper.