Internet mashups are something that will always be dear to our heart, especially when they blend different aspects of popular culture together to create something truly special. Well, that's exactly what we have today, as someone had the genius idea to mesh Kanye West's The Life of Pablo song "I Love Kanye" with the classic NBA on NBC theme song that is special to so many basketball fans' hearts. Of course, this isn't the first time that someone has put 'Ye's lyrics to the song, which has no beat, over some production, but this literally might be the best that we've heard.

Not only do his rhymes match perfectly over the snappy tune, but the creator also decided to put Kanye's head over the NBA logo, which basically makes it a peak Internet moment. Check out the mashup in all of it's glory below, and if you didn't hear, you can also now stream Kanye's new album on all streaming platforms here