It's been hard to get the image of Taylor Swift awkwardly rapping along to Drake and Future on a treadmill out of our heads since first seeing her Apple commercial last week. On the plus side, it seems that Taylor's partnership for the tech giant actually benefited Drizzy in a big way. Since the commercial aired, iTunes sales of "Jumpman" have increased by a whopping 431 percent around the world. The commercial has been viewed more than 20 million times on Facebook and Instagram. Predictably, Taylor's cult following retweeted her post of the commercial 66,960 and liked it 119,000 times. Unfortunately, Apple hasn't shared how many streams or subscriptions the ad produced.

If you watch television at all, you are likely to see the ad run during commercials on ESPN, CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. According to Billboard, there will be two more Apple commercials featuring Taylor arriving in the coming weeks and she'll also star in a bigger Apple Music campaign in the next few months. It's anyone's guess if T-Swift's next commercials will feature more of her rapping or if she'll awkwardly dance to a different artist. It's great to see Drake and Future reaping the benefits though. You can watch Taylor's already infamous Apple commercial above.