Last night, everyone and their mother was tuned into the last game of Kobe Bryant's career, where he put on a show and ended up scoring 60 points. Of course, the music world was all in for Kobe's final game, with Jay Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and more all in attendance in Los Angeles. R. Kelly was also tuned in, and well, he wasn't sitting courtside. Instead, Kelly was watching at his home and decided it was a good idea to post on Instagram about it.

The only problem was that he was watching the game on a curiously small TV, which led Twitter to absolutely roast him for hours on end. The slander is actually still going, though Kelly is being a good sport about it and even said that he wasn't watching it at his house. Still, why is that TV so small? Just not a very good use of wall spot, if we're being honest. Check out some of the best slander below.