In the latest clip from Quentin Miller's ongoing interview with VladTV, the Atlanta rapper talked in-depth about the whole Drake and Meek Mill beef. Miller opened up about what it was like when Meek first tweeted that he was Drake's ghostwriter, and how he's not cool with OG Maco anymore because of what Maco said publicly when everything first went down. He also revealed that when Drake and Meek were going back and forth with diss tracks, he wasn't speaking to either of them, and especially not Meek.

Specifically on Meek's diss track, "Wanna Know," he said he thought it was corny that he used one of his reference tracks for Drake on the song, and confirmed that they didn't get the tracks from him. "Make your music, bruh. That album was fire. The Dreams Worth More Than Money, that shit was fire," Miller said. "My name being dragged into it, my voice being dragged into it, it's just like all I can do is just keep focusing on what I'm focusing on. I'm my own artist. I'm focusing on my own shit. I don't want nothing to do with that...The whole shit was annoying." Previously, Miller told Vlad that after the whole beef started, he got beat up by Meek and his crew in Los Angeles, though Meek later denied it. You can watch the latest part of the interview above.