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While Jay Z doesn't drop verses as much as he used to, Hov jumping on a beat is still, and will always be, a monumental moment in rap. Again, it doesn't happen often, so even when rumors start to swirl about new Jay on the way, everyone starts to get excited. You can actually thank N.O.R.E. for the latest speculation, as he hinted at the possibility of Jay being being featured on the official remix of Fat Joe and Remy Ma's smash hit single, "All the Way Up."

The information came from a recent interview Norega did with Vibe, where he actually interrupted the conversation to talk to Memphis Bleek on the phone. After he spoke with Bleek, Norega went on to talk about how the two of them are connecting the dots on a major NYC remix. "We did something great for the city, we can't announce it now, but you know. Not us, but you know, we connected two dots," Norega said. "One dot that was there and one dot that was there and then without me and Bleek, them dots wouldn't be connected, and it looks like it's going to happen." Of course, Norega didn't say any names in the clip, but it's not too hard to figure out who he was talking about, especially with Bleek's longterm relationship with Jay. "I got my homey on the phone with his big homey. [You know] Bleek’s big homey… and me & Pun’s big homey… you should be able to come up with the story. Something great is about to happen for the city," he said.

This news comes right on the heels of DJ Khaled confirming that he has a single with Jay Z and Future on the way, though he didn't say when it would be out. So yeah, it looks like Hov might have some serious heat ready for the summer. You can watch Norega talk about the possible remix at the 4:35 mark above.