For almost a year now, CJ Fly has been revealing details about his upcoming album FlyTrap. It was originally an EP, but so many great songs were being created from his recording sessions that it evolved into an album. At the beginning of 2016, he made the official announcement that his debut will be released this spring. 

Music-wise, CJ Fly hasn’t shared too much information about a tracklist or a possible single. He’s been performing an unreleased song, “Raising the Bar,” at live shows and has dropped online teasers for “Run 2” and “Verboten.” There’s confirmed production from Relly Rel and Kirk Knight, so listeners can expect more Pros to contribute as he puts the finishing touches on the album. “As far as I know, he’s about 80 percent done with FlyTrap,” Shipes says. “He’s just been working on mixes and stuff.”