The wait is nearly over for Shura's debut album as the talented UK artist is set to release Nothing's Real later this year. Fans can expect to hear "Touch" on the project, which she recently released on iTunes in her home country. It's a song that has received its share of remixes, none more impressive than CANVAS' own rendition. That version now gets its own visual treatment, and it's a sight to see.

The video features Shura and a few of her friends cruising through the streets of England on a sunny day, and it turns out this is a hobby she recently picked up. "A year ago I made a News Year's resolution that meant adding something to my life rather than restricting something," Shura told us over email. "I've always wanted to be able to skate but I couldn't even stand on a board let alone move forwards. A few of my mates knew how to skate and so that year I just thought screw it. I'm gonna learn and that was it."

Thanks to the help of her friends, she was able to pick up skateboarding. Once Shura did, she realized the connection between skating and music was a no-brainer. "Not only could I go forwards. I could avoid debris. I'm still learning but I think it's important to just teach yourself stuff even if you suck at first, especially as you grow up."

She continued, "I wouldn't be producing my own music if it wasn't for just trying it. I guess because of learning to skate I wanted to collaborate with Louise on a skateboard and create something that people could own that isn't an mp3 or a vinyl or a tote bag. Skate culture and music are so intertwined so it just felt super natural to do. My friend Camilla is an awesome skater so I had to ask her to skate this deck before she flew off to Australia."

Check out the video for "Touch (CANVAS Remix)" above and be on the lookout for Shura's debut album.