Selena Gomez proved she's unable to completely escape her Disney legacy after her life turned into the setup for the Tower of Terror ride earlier today. Gomez is spending some time in the City of Love for Paris Fashion Week, but it looks like an unexpectedly large portion of her trip was spent trapped in a crowded elevator instead. Earlier today, Gomez tweeted out a video of herself stuck in an immobile elevator trying to escape. 

The funny clip shows her worrying about running out of oxygen from talking too much, while an unnamed man tries to pry the door open to get them out. Eventually, he is able to open the door to reveal a group of very confused people on the other side. While it's not exactly the glamorous entrance Gomez was hoping to make at such a high-end event, she can at least be thankful that the elevator didn't go full-on Tower of Terror free fall like I panic about every time I step inside of one.

Judging by her continued Twitter stunting, it's looking like she recovered just fine.