Another day, another sweet mashup project with two of our favorite artists. An 18-year-old producer by the name of SeanH masterfully fuses MF DOOM and Sade into a new collection of songs by seamlessly marrying DOOM's tenacious verses with Sade's soothing R&B-laced vocals. It should be noted the third track, "Silver Spoon," provides instant, bone-chilling gratification and is an easy standout on SADEVILLAIN, although all the tracks are pretty great on their own.

This isn't the first time the Internet has given us a stellar mashup combination. If you remember, a French producer named ToToM blessed us with the Kanye of the Stone Age album we never knew we needed. Before that, the Kanye West and Weezer mashup album, Yeezer, delivered some surprisingly incredible tracks. Similarly, the SADEVILLAIN EP should not be ignored. Stream it below.