Back in October, we said the Kanye West and Weezer mashup album Yeezer​ was the only Yeezy mashup album you needed to hear. We were wrong. As it turns out, a French producer by the name of ToToM has also been working on a Kanye mashup album of his own this past year. The producer layered together Kanye's vocals of him "rapping, grunting, and singing" over the instrumentation of several Queens of the Stone Age songs and the results are surprisingly incredible.

“I packed the first half of the present album quite rapidly a year ago,” ToToM explained on Bandcamp. “But as it started to become an important project (plus the media fuss around Kanye West and his new tracks released in between), I took my time and as I was waiting for an artwork, I found new ideas [and] improved other tracks.” While the mashup album is offered completely for free, ToToM notes all money raised from this will go to The Sweet Stuff Foundation, which gives assistance to career musicians and their families struggling with illness and disability. Great cause and great album. You can listen below.