In the wake of David Bowie's passing in January, a wide swath of tributes and elegies poured in from seemingly every corner of the entertainment industry and beyond. Now, three months later Prince has offered his own tip of the cap to Bowie by performing the latter's song "Heroes" at a show in Toronto last night.

The Purple One is currently in the midst of his hit-and-run "Piano and a Microphone" tour, performing sporadic dates all over North America with hardly a moment's notice. His most recent stop brought him up North to Canada where he put on a show for the ages, playing two sets of 57 songs in total. There were of course his own hits and deep cuts to sing, but Prince also busted out a diverse range of covers as well, like "Use Me" by Bill Withers, "Waiting in Vain" by Bob Marley, and of course "Heroes," all in the first set. 

You never can be sure of what Prince might do next and it's that very thing that makes his concert, can't-miss events. Catch a snippet of his rendition of "Heroes" as well as "Waiting in Vain" below and check out the evening's dual set lists here and here.


So..... This would be Prince covering Bowie "Heroes", and really that's all you need to know about tonight

A video posted by Cameron Sorensen (@cam10013) on Mar 25, 2016 at 8:02pm PDT