Blending grime and R&B together is hardly a new concept; some of the very earliest grime tunes sampled R&B classics and chopped them up into what would become R&G. Yet, for some reason, R&B choruses are surprisingly rare on grime cuts. That hasn't stopped Sticky Blood, Snowy (who the grime duo collaborated with on "Gravy") and Yxngz though. On "Garn Again", Snowy and Ynxgz take centre stage with the former on bars while the latter croons woozily on the chorus. It's not an easy balance to strike; silky R&B vocals with tougher-than-tough bars but, backed by Sticky's whiplash production, they manage it. Sticky Blood are becoming increasingly known for pelting out releases at a staggering rate—let's hope it continues with some more vocal collaborations.