Nardwuar continues to roll out his interviews from this year's SXSW, and today we get to see his incredible chat with Kehlani. He opens up the conversation by immediately gifting Kehlani with some original Star Wars merch, which she admits has been a favorite since her childhood since it was the only violent movie her mom would let her watch. From there, the conversation shifts to her job at Park Burger to Mac Dre's everlasting presence in the Bay Area, which is where she grew up. Then, Nardwuar covers some of Kehlani's favorite artists including Stevie Wonder and Disclosure who she says she is "obsessed" with and wants to work with one day. He also brings up the surprising story of the time that Kehlani got banned from Wal-Mart when she was stealing food to feed her family.

In his usual form, the whole interview plays out like one giant throwback. If you remember, Nardwuar recently suffered a stroke back in December, so it's incredible to see him back at it. Watch the entire interview go down above. For more Nardwuar, check out his SXSW conversation with DJ Khaled, which may be one of his best yet.