DJ Snake and Bipolar Sunshine's song "Middle" has been creeping its way up the charts recently, and now they're backing up the song with a brand new video starring The Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson. In the clip, Hutcherson plays a misunderstood superhero caked in multicolored face makeup and a tattered outfit. He's moping around in a diner until he sees his apparent female counterpart, smeared in similar makeup standing right outside the restaurant. This part is played by Kiersey Clemons, who made an appearance in last year's critically acclaimed movie Dope

The pair quickly hit it off, and soon they're flying around the city and getting romantic. But right when things seem to be going well, she vanishes. He sets out on a quest around the city to find her, hoping to keep the flame alive. We'll save the ending for you to see, but the video definitely seeks to show the hero inside of everyone and the regular person inside every hero. Snake even makes a small cameo appearance, though his song is the video's real star.

"Middle," which is currently sitting at No. 31 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, is the first single from DJ Snake's upcoming album, which does not yet have an official title or release date. In the meantime, you can check out the unique video for "Middle" above.