Two years after they released their first rap-duets album together, California rappers Chuuwee and Trizz are back with the sequel, AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 2. Chuuwee and Trizz are California to their respective cores, yet their stoichiometry defies regionalism: Chuuwee reps Sactown, Trizz hails from the Inland Empire, and, together, their creative triangulation yields this unpredictable blend of trap beats ("Location, Location," "Tampons & Handguns"), retro-soul surfing ("$ & Bitches," "U+2," "All I Know"), and one, incomparable Nintendo sample flip for "Mario Party."

Listen to AmeriKKa's Most Blunted 2 below, and pre-order the album on iTunes before it drops tomorrow (March 25) on Below System Records.