Dr. Dre might have finally come out of his years-long hiatus with last year's triumphant album Compton, but it doesn't look like he's ready to slow down anytime soon. Just months after the release of Compton, it looks like Dre is already cooking up new music.

Anderson .Paak, who collaborated with Dre on a number of songs from his recent album, has apparently grown pretty close to the hip-hop mogul. In a recent interview with BBC Radio, .Paak let it slip that the good doctor has been back in the lab working on new material. "He's working right now, doing a lot of work right now," he said, before adding "I can't really speak on it."

Of course, Dr. Dre has recorded mountains of material over the years, much of it for his infamously-delayed, now-defunct album Detox. A lot of that music never saw a release in any form, so him working doesn't mean that there's a new project coming anytime soon. .Paak acknowledged this himself. "It was so quick [recording with Dre], 80/90 percent of what I did was used and then it was out," he said. "That's not usually the case with Dre. A lot of people who work with Dre, you're lucky if anything sees the light of day. It was a blessing to have all that stuff go to market at the pace it did. It's cool to be able to work with him at this place in his career when he's just ready to go."

Nonetheless, with Compton being generally well-received, maybe this time could be different. Until then, keep your ears to the streets for more potential material from Dre. You can also watch Anderson .Paak's entire radio interview in the video above.