Perhaps best known for producing bangers for Cardiff grime outfit, Astroid Boys, Dellux is now travelling a path that looks set to take him from Newport to the world stage. After a storming set at the MTA showcase last month, interest in Dellux began to peak, with the promise of a full project not far away. Describing his style as a "musical amalgamation of everything from slow jams to dance music and a whole lot in between", the young producer gears up for the release of his debut EP, Dreamer, which lands via MTA Records on April 1.

Following the project's title track, Dellux drops "Pipe Up"a rowdy, grime-influenced piece that is hypnotic and energetic in equal measure. "Grime has always been a huge musical influence for me," says Dellux over email. "I'm always chasing that same energy and movement you get from grime music, and try to implement it into other musical genres when I can too. I love how simple this tune is is; it's just a beat, but it has those weird sounds and goes off on a tangent at points. For me, it needed to go on the EP as my 140 rep." Stream "Pipe Up" exclusively below.