Jess Glynne's powerful reign at the top of chart music strengthens with every record she releases. Nominated for three Brit Awards, her debut album, I Cry When I Laugh, secured the best selling spot for 2015making her one of the biggest pop acts in the UK today. Pairing up with British house duo Tough Love, Alex and Stefan remix the red-haired singer's most recent drop, "Ain't Got Far To Go", with a bass-driven, tribal edge that enhances its colourful positivity with fast-moving drum claps. Tough Love's fidgety, energetic production techniques rush alongside the joyful sounds of the songwriter's gospel-leaning, summer-soaked anthem and is bound to reawaken the world to the fast-approaching festival vibes. It's a perfect reminder that our weekend reward of revelry, dancing, and laughing is drawing closer with every passing minute.