Kanye West is serious about putting out another album in the summer.

Although we just got The Life of Pablo, he’s looking ahead at his eighth studio LP and he’s even got a name for it. According to West, he’s sticking with TurboGrafx-16, which is a nod to the rare console from the late ‘80s. While still on these “super nerd vibes,” he tweets about playing Blazing Lazers when he was a young Yeezy. Another tidbit: His friend Mali owned a NeoGeo too. This is the same homie Kanye raps about in the first verse of "Drive Slow" who had “the spinner from his Daytons in his hand.”

If we know Kanye by now, this title will probably not stick. But, hey, look out for TurboGrafx-16 soon.

Here's some gameplay footage of Blazing Lazers and The Super Spy. Both look kinda lit.