Steve Aoki is known for his lively stage shows, which often involve him doing things like surfing on top of the crowd in a life raft and pelting people with birthday cake. Unfortunately, it looks like one fan wasn't feeling the celebration, and is now looking to cash in. According to a TMZ report, a fan named Raymond Collins is suing Aoki for a cake-related injury sustained at one of his concerts in Las Vegas last March. Collins reportedly missed being pelted in the face, but managed to slip on the cake after it hit the ground, sustaining a "serious head injury." 

This is not the first time Aoki has been on the receiving end of a lawsuit stemming from his wild concerts. Back in May of last year, Aoki got slapped with a lawsuit after a stage dive into his signature life raft ended up breaking a fan's neck. So far it's looking like this incident isn't quite as serious as that, but apparently this cake-related injury is no laughing matter. The plaintiff is seeking damages for loss of income, mental suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. We reached out to Aoki's camp and will update when available.