In late 2000, The Avalanches dropped their debut (and only) album Since I Left You, a gauzy serotonin hit assembled from crates upon crates of samples.

15 years on there are no firm details for a followup release. But just say the words 'The Avalanches' and you're still guaranteed brand recognition.

In fact, the album's legacy is so robust that 2014 saw music management and events outfit Astral People assemble a squad of contemporary musicians to pay homage to it. Locals Jonti, Rainbow Chan and more took on the task of reverse-engineering the sample-collage of Since I Left You into a live performance.

According to Avalanches producer and multi-instrumentalist Robbie Chater, the project started as a reaction to the arms race that they felt electronic music had become. On the album's genesis: "Why don't we try to make a record that was more '60s influence, with less bass," Chater explained to Triple J. "Inspired by Phil Spector and the Beach Boys—but using dance music techniques? A light, FM-pop record?"

The album is maybe best known for single 'Frontier Psychiatrist', an earworm constructed out of everything from comedy sketches to the orchestral score from Lawrence of Arabia. In the context of the album, it's a distillation of the group's crate-digging virtuosity.

When sequenced between other artists on the radio, though, the track runs the risk of scanning like a novelty song. While interviews with The Avalanches are rare, Chater is on the record clarifying the earnestness of the group's intent. "Most people are surprised how serious we are about what we do. We just wanted to make a great pop record," he told Pitchfork when they released their album.