Twitter was on fire this morning with the latest trend of people flipping famous pop and rock songs into #TrapCovers, and the entire thing was awesome. Not only were some of the videos completely hilarious, but some of them were unexpectedly really, really good. Who would have thought that #TrapCovers of songs like Nickleback's "Photograph" or Taylor Swift's "You Belong With Me" would be fire, but here we are.


The trend didn't just involve pop songs however, as classics like "America the Beautiful" and even the "Star Spangled Banner" got the trap treatment, and somehow they still sound amazing. The idea and execution of #TrapCovers is so good that it wouldn't be a surprise if actual trap rappers started doing this. Like, come on, Migos covering the Beatles' classics is way overdue. While the #TrapCovers were all over Twitter earlier, Jozen Cummings was able to round up some of the best ones for a Twitter Moments gallery, which you can check out below.