There's no question Young Thug is one of the most popular artists in hip-hop today, but he probably doesn't get labeled with the tag a of musical genius that often. And let's be honest, not many artists are getting that kind of distinction today in general. However, one website called The Book of Thug is attempting to prove that Thugga belongs in that category, and honestly, their setup is pretty impressive. As stated on the homepage, the site "attempts to analyze various aspects and patterns of Young Thug's incredibly expressive and complex musical language."

To do this, they break down Thug's music into three parts: melodic, rhythmic, and more. And when we say breakdown, we mean completely breakdown, as they take a microscope to his music and give some pretty interesting analysis that the average listener definitely wouldn't pick up on. There are charts, graphs, videos, and just about everything else you could think of to help solidify their case. Whether you agree with their findings or not, you have to respect the effort. This should probably be a bookmark for any true Thugga fan. Check it out for yourself here