Future recently made his way across Europe for a series of concerts, and during his trip, he sat down with CliqueTV for a very entertaining interview. During the lengthy conversation, he talked about what he wanted to be growing up, dealing with success in the public, and how he's a trendsetter in the trap music age.

Probably the most interesting part of the interview was when Future said that he's not actually dependent on drugs and that his music is focused on that lifestyle because it's what people want to hear. "I’m not like super drugged out or a drug addict, Future said. "My music may portray a certain kind of image and I know it’s some people that might be super drugged out and they listen to the music like, ‘Ay thank you, you speaking for me’ and then some people that’s not [super drugged out] that feel like, “Man I don’t have to do drugs, I can listen to Future and feel like I’m on something’ and don’t have to try drugs. I don’t do it for you to really have to live that type of life.”

Future also revealed he wanted to be a doctor or an architect when he was a child. While that career path ended up not taking place, he offered some advice for the youth. "You want to create your own path, no matter what situation you're in," he said. "Don't matter if you're rich, poor or whatever, you just want to be able to have your own experiences in life and listen and learn from other people."

He also talked extensively about how he handles fame and the situations he can't control that come along with it. "It ain't no way of escaping problems, I mean they just happen and it's just about how you deal with it," Future said. On rappers possibly biting his style, Future said that's not something he can control, either. "If you behind me, I'm not going to look back and try and figure out what you're doing behind me," he said. "I'm not trying to feed off of a concept that another artist had, that's not what I do."

As far as the actual future, the rapper seemed ready to keep the takeover going. "I know when the wave is going to happen, you just got to be prepared for it to happen," he said. Future is expected to keep busy in 2016, just like he did in 2015, with multiple projects, though he's kept the details of his new music under wraps to this point. Hopefully that doesn't last much longer.