It looks like Kanye West can count on DJ Khaled's vote in 2020. In a new interview with Us Weekly, Khaled shared 25 key facts you may not already know about the Miami DJ/producer/Snapchat king. Khaled revealed that he would in fact vote for 'Ye if the rapper ran for office in 2020. "I’d definitely vote for Kanye." He added, "I don’t think I would run for president." We hope that changes.

Other key facts about Khaled include his favorite animal—a lion, obviously—his religious views, his favorite book, and his favorite sneakers. Of course, his most important facts are his lessons learned about jet-skiing: The key to jet-skiing successfully is to not fall. Another major key: Don’t ever jet-ski at night. You can check out what else you might not know about Khaled here. For more, read our interview on how he became hip-hop's biggest personality here.