Cam'ron has been pretty quiet on the music front since he stopped his 1st of the Month EP series back in 2014. That changes today though, as he shares a new song titled "U Wasn't There," along with an accompanying throwback video. The song plays off a classic catchphrase from the rapper as he reminisces about his close friends and past relationships throughout.

The video is a true trip down memory lane, with a slideshow of old pictures of Cam and his crew that will bring out all the thug tears. "This is giving me a chance to shout out some of the people I never have. I feel good doing something like this. It's kind of the story behind the story," Cam said in an interview with Fader

Along with the new song and video, Cam told Fader that his last album, Purple Haze 2, is slated to drop in the fall. "I'm winding down," he said. "Getting more focused on movies and television." Cam wrapping up his musical career is definitely sad news, but going out on top with Purple Haze 2 is probably how most of his fans would like to see it happen.