Australian rapper Allday has jumped on the Shannon Noll wagon, inviting the kid from Condobolin to right what some consider a glaring historical wrong.

Taking to Facebook last night, Allday posted the following heart-felt post. 

Dear Shannon Noll,
I invite you to Melbourne to join me in recording a cover of Guy Sebastian's song "Angels Brought Me Here" on the 27th of January to prove once and for all that you are the DESERVING winner of Australian Idol 2003.
I will happily pay for your flights from Condoblin. 
Yours Sincerely in Music,

​It ended with the trending #ShannonNollForGTM2016 tag. 

The post generated over 26,000 Likes, 3200 comments and 820 shares. Whether anybody truly wants to revisit this song, with added rap vocals, remains to be seen.