For the last few weeks, we've been sharing with you a series of tracks from a rising artist called Origin, and each and everyone has been thoroughly on point. This week, continuing the #NoSleepTilSunday series, we have Origin's latest, a track called "Glass Ceilings". On this occasion, production comes from Korematsu and, as ever, we're introduced to an entirely new dimension of the London-based rapper. Here he takes a darker tone as he tells the story of an aspiring musician's growing resentment in the face of an increasing number of closed doors. It's a story we're sure a lot of young musicians can relate to and, as the internet becomes more dominant and music becomes more democratised, it's a story we'll sadly be hearing a lot more of.

Origin releases #NoSleepTilSunday Vol. 2 via Bandcamp on December 27.