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In Complex's new documentary series, F1RST, we will take a look at the journey and untold stories behind some of our favorite acts. For our inaugural episode, we kick things off with a four-part series on the enigmatic Jeremih. 

After debuting part one and two of our Jeremih doc, we're back with part three where the R&B crooner reflects on the success and setbacks of his smash hit "Don't Tell'Em." Released in 2014, "Don't Tell'Em" rose to No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, but due to internal issues in Jeremih's camp they never released a proper video. "The video was actually being manipulated by my team at the label which I found out..." says Jeremih. "There I was just subject to a whole bunch of shiesty people taking advantage of a piece of gold they had no part of in the first place." Besides just the issues with the video, Jeremih also reveals he figured out his manger was screwing him over financially so he had to fire him. With all the drama behind him, hopefully Jeremih can take his career into his own hands. 

You can watch the video above and be sure to check out the final episode of Jeremih's F1RST  tomorrow on Complex.