Young Thug is one of the most polarizing artists in music, and while he gets a fair share of hate, he also has an ever-growing cult-like following from fans. Though Thug already has stamps of approval from some of the biggest rappers in the game, he probably just got the biggest and most random co-sign of his career: Sir Elton John. Yup, the legendary signer recently told Noisey that he heard a Thug song on Beats 1 Radio and loved it. "I love all of that, it’s unexpected," Elton said of Thug and his originality

While the co-sign was cool enough, Elton took it one step further when he compared Thug to John Lennon. "I remember when Blind Faith came out, with a nude girl and John [Lennon] & Yoko, you had to buy it in a black plastic bag. And you should be able to do things like that but we don’t live in that kind of world anymore," he said.

Can we get that collaboration, though? Read the full interview here