Exclusive: Young Thug Still DGAF and Covers 'Dazed' Wearing a Gucci Dress

The new issue of 'Dazed' features Young Thug in dresses, see-through tops, and a tutu.

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Young Thug has made headlines for wearing dresses and buying his clothes from the kid's section before. However, the rapper's latest spread with Dazed, in which he rocks a number of styles that are sure to turn more than a couple heads, is easily Thugger's most daring yet. 

The spread features the Atlanta native in a number of gender-bending looks. He wears a Gucci dress on the cover, which we later see turned up like a crop top to reveal a gold Gucci belt. Thugger has no qualms wearing a see-through plastic Walter Van Bierendock top printed with the words "Warning Explicit Beauty," and he takes Kanye West's Givenchy kilt one step further by rocking an entire tartan dress designed by Riccardo Tisci.

The rapper also went ahead with an outfit that mixed Raf Simons accessories with a tutu from Molly Goddard against his sister's wishes. Thugger's sister, Amina, pleaded with him to "TAKE THE TUTU OFF NOW," but the rapper only responded with a shrug, according to Dazed.

Young Thug also talks about getting his wardrobe ready for going on tour. "We played 29 shows, and I brought, like, 32 Balmains" he tells Dazed, referencing his recent Rodeo tour with Travis $cott. "I switch clothes every set." 

You can read the rest of Young Thug's cover story over at Dazed.

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