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Sydney lad rapper Kerser has set his sights on a number of targets on a song from his fifth album, Next Step. Discussing the album in an interview with News Corp, the rapper shed some light on one track in particular, called "Taken Over The Scene".

The song apparently fires direct shots at not only A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, but also fellow Aussie rappers Allday and 360, the latter of which Kerser has a long and storied history with. Kerser explained that taking aim at Grimshaw was random, but his attacks on the rest weren’t.

“When we were 17 and 18 and coming up in the whole battle rap scene, we would take the piss out of anything we could, including a lot of people on TV and Tracy Grimshaw just popped into my head,” he said.

“I will apologise for that one. But no, I will never apologise to Allday or 360.”

The interview notes his monthly YouTube videos have accumulated more than 35 million views, and the fact that he has a billboard up to promote his album. Further, Kerser explains that he had to move to the south coast to avoid door-knocking fans keen to meet him. However, he says his success has not come with any assistance from radio station Triple J, who Kerser detests for giving him minimal airplay.

“I feel like I have been ignored by that station and the industry and they are meant to be playing music which appeals to youth. But they just won’t play it and I can’t put my finger on why,” he said.

Kerser also managed to sneak a bit of the ABC News theme into one of his new tracks, as a further dig at the broadcasting company.

“That sample has been cut up so I can’t get into any trouble for that,” he said.

Perhaps more positively, Kerser told News Corp he had a realisation that his lyrics regarding drug abuse and run-ins with police were possibly having a negative effect on his fans, and he's focused on creating more cautionary tales on this next album.

“It really hit me when I was doing a signing in Blacktown and a few young kids, about 14 or 15, pulled out his bong for me to sign,” he said.

“On this album I wanted to reassure them that is not the path they want to be on. I wanted to clear that up.”

Kerser’s Next Step LP will see its release on Friday November 13.