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Jay Prince's BeFor Our Time EP made a huge impression on us this year, and by the looks of things, he's going to keep that momentum going with his latest EP, Beautiful Mercy (out Nov. 20), which seems to have a more personal element to it. One track that sticks out, in particular, is the Allan Kingdom-assisted "Juice".

Speaking with The FADER, Prince explained that working with Kingdom was something he needed to do:

"Having Allan Kingdom on this song was a must. I’m a fan of his work and I really respect his craft. We followed each other on Twitter and I hit him up about the record. It was almost finished but it was just missing a piece. I just gave him the song with no chorus and left him to do what he does best. Once I heard what he did, I just knew it was the one. It was the perfect message and spoke to me directly."

He also talked about the pain behind the music: 

"'Juice' represents overcoming things that hold you back, people that try to bring you down, and really believing in yourself, knowing that everything starts with YOU and we are all GREAT. [It's] a record I made to get a lot off my chest. Addressing different situations I've been put in or faced in my life. It's never that often I really delve into things that had me in a dark place, but at the time I was going through a rough patch in my life where I wasn't feeling like myself."

Listen to the track below, and feel that pure raw emotion.