Here's a partnership we want to see more of. Taken from TÃLÃ's latest EP, Malika (out now on Columbia), "Wolfpack" is the first collaborative effort to be heard from Banks and the underground-pop songstress. The rest of the EP is full of collabs too, featuring Mssingno, WA$$UP, Sadat & Alaa FiftyAtiye and Sylas, but it was "Wolfpack" that really stood out to us. TÃLÃ and Banks' hypnotising vocals sit perfectly besides the inspired production and the juxtaposition of their slick R&B vocals and glitchy, off-kilter beats is a supreme touch. With Banks' Goddess album still fresh in our minds and TÃLÃ's debut album in the works, their time is most definitely now.

Catch TÃLÃ at her headline show at the ICA in London on November 11.