Peanut Butter Wolf is more than just a great hip-hop name. He is a DJ and producer with roots so deep they touch the very foundation of independent hip-hop. His label, Stones Throw Records, has been bringing us the very best in underground rap music for nearly two decades. Based in Los Angeles, the label has found some of the best and brightest West Coast talent over the years, and at this point, PBW has developed artists from just about everywhere.

In the video above, you’ll see Peanut Butter Wolf’s picturesque L.A. home. Located in the Mt. Washington neighborhood, northeast of Downtown L.A., PBW’s crib has some amazing views. Thanks to his DTS Play-Fi system, which syncs his streaming music services to his in-home speaker systems, PBW and can bring his music right out onto the deck with him to enhance his outdoor experience. You’ll spot Play-Fi compatible speakers throughout PBW’s home, as it truly is the system that allows you total control of your music, room to room, with just a few taps on your phone. Take a couple minutes to check out PBW’s pad—including his drool-inducing record room—and get to know more about what makes this mastermind of independent hip-hop tick.