More often than not, when a celebrity’s child attempts to tread the same ground as his or her famous parent, the results are middling at best. Remember Lil Eazy-E? But things are different for Jillian Hervey, who is one half of the duo known as Lion Babe and also the second daughter of 11-time Grammy nominee Vanessa Williams.

The 26-year-old didn’t need to use her mother’s name to get attention. Lion Babe’s first video, “Treat Me Like Fire,” which featured Hervey in gold body paint prowling through tall grass and dancing in a dimly lit cave, garnered more than enough on its own. So much, in fact, that Pharrell Williams flew Hervey and her musical partner, Lucas Goodman, to Miami for a studio session. The collaboration resulted in “Wonder Woman,” the first single for the duo’s upcoming full-length debut.  

It’s been a quick ride for a woman who, up until 2012 when the Lion Babe EP dropped, had planned to become a professional dancer. We met up with Hervey after a rehearsal to talk about working with Skateboard P and why the new album will be about light and love.