Fans have been eagerly awaiting any kind of update from Kid Cudi on his long-awaited MOTM3 album, and he finally gave in today, with a series of tweets about the direction of the project. While not going into specifics, Cudi said that MOTM3 is simply a title and that the project will be nothing like first two albums of the series, and that's because he doesn't think those projects can ever be topped—and he intended it to be that way.

"I didn't think I'd live to make another record after MOTM2," Cudi wrote. He also said that it's time for him to explore new things in his music and that's where he's going from here. Following the series of tweets, Cudi shared that he will be revealing the release date info for the album in the next two weeks. In the meantime, Cudi is currently putting the finishing touches on his Speedin Bullet to Heaven project, which he released two singles from over the weekend. Read his series of tweets below.