The advent of technology has both empowered emerging artists and hindered them. With the barriers of entry to create music lower than ever, literally anyone can record in their bedroom. But that makes artist discovery even more difficult. Despite that, the folks over at Converse took on the daunting task of finding new musicians and giving them a huge leg-up by providing them access to a proper recording studio, in various locations across the world.

One of their projects involved the Lytics, a rising rap group hailing from Winnipeg, a small city in Manitoba, Canada. Their location can make it hard to get the word out about their talent and link with other musicians. That's exactly why Converse flew them out to their Converse Rubber Tracks studio in Brooklyn to work on some new music. But they didn't just hit them off with a chance to create in an official workspace, they gave the Lytics an opportunity to collaborate directly with Mike D of the Beastie Boys. Holy shit, right? 

We traveled over to Rubber Tracks to speak with the folks at Converse, the artists, and the session's engineer, Matt Shane. Check out the video above and have a look inside this once in a lifetime moment.