Today, Hit-Boy dropped his new EP Zoomin, which includes a guest feature from Pusha T. That's not surprising: Hit and Pusha have had a good working relationship since 2011's "My God." One could even say, per the results their collabs usually yield, they don't work together enough. What is surprising though, in a rap nerd trivia factoid sense, is the reveal that Pusha's verse on "Bussin Moves" was actually meant for the Cruel Summer banger "Clique."

In the three years since GOOD Music's crew album, the general consensus is that while it's an entertaining listen, it's far from the best they could've done. As a project it feels brief, disjointed and overall not very cliquey despite track two's crew love boast. The song's brevity surely helped make it a hit but fuck it, it's called "Clique" why not make it a group affair? This revelation only further stokes the imagination, and subsequent frustration, of what Cruel Summer could've been and what the sessions for it yielded that we might never hear. Recall, Push once said in regards to the album that he recorded 20 verses for it. He's on 5 songs on the finished product. The Cruel Summer film (which those of us who weren't in Cannes never saw) had music, especially from Kid Cudi, that never made the album. Mannie Fresh may have been involved on the production side. And other GOOD members have mentioned song titles that never materialized in various interviews. Needless to say, Ye could restart GOOD Fridays without lifting a finger to create new material for the supply.

Anyway, Hit's had this fire Pusha verse stashed for 3 years, Yeezus only knows what the hell else he has in the vault from the CS sessions alone. Peep the Genius annotation where he disclosed the origins of Pusha's verse below.