America's favorite neon-clad performance artist Riff Raff has been slowly teasing his forthcoming new album Peach Panther with a venerable assortment of collaborations, including "Spazz Out" with Travis Barker, an unconfirmed track with Drake (maybe?), and a recent Danny Brown update of the Neon Icon track "Wetter Than Tsunami":

However, the final stamp of hype approval comes from none other than Canada's greatest living rock star Justin Bieber. King Biebs, currently in the middle of a genius Instagram campaign ahead of the release of his new single "What Do You Mean," is now an official member of the Peach Panther army:

Of course, Bieber bars are nothing new. Lest we forget, here's Bieber freestyling over the "Otis" instrumental in 2011:

Meanwhile, Bieber was originally scheduled to have a finer Saturday night than anyone else on Earth thanks to this $20,000 floating skate ramp built just for his party at Beachclub in Montreal. However, he was forced to cancel the appearance after the promoter stiffed him on a predetermined fee.