Despite this never-ending media frenzy of Drake vs. Meek Mill, it looks like Meek’s hometown still has a lot of love for the Boy, Drizzy. In fact, for quite some time now Philly has been hosting a monthly party called “So Far Gone (Drake Night)” celebrating the 6 God with an entire evening of nothing but Drake songs…and yes, it’s as fun as it sounds. 

For the first two hours of the evening, resident DJs Gun$ Garcia and Magglezzz play new and relevant rap music in addition to some club and trap sounds, followed by two straight hours of Drake bangers to close the night out. Throughout the night there is a Drake Photo Booth set up in the back of the dance floor equipped with multiple Drizzy-fied backdrops to pose with. 

When we reached out to the “Drake Night” founders, they told us that the monthly rager came from simply giving the people what they wanted.

“[DJs] Gun$ Garcia and Magglezzz founded 'So Far Gone' last fall," Philly DJ Dirty South Joe explained, "but it wasn't a full on 'Drake Night' until they asked me to do an all-Drizzy DJ set last November. After the first all-Drake set we realized that it was an amazing format that party people couldn't get enough of.”

Last month the ladies spun a full opening set featuring all Future, but when we asked Joe about the possibility of a Meek Mill vs. Drake set, Joe didn’t sound too hopeful.

“The only artists I could imagine going head to head with Drizzy on a 'vs.' battlefield would be Kanye and maybe Nicki Minaj," he said. "A Meek Mill medley might work for a few minutes, but even an hour of all Meek would kill the dancefloor. His catalog just isn't there yet.”

As far as feeling guilty about hosting a party against their hometown rapper’s current enemy, Joe kept it 100. 

“God bless Meek Mill. Hopefully he'll get back on track, but he's playing checkers while Drake is playing chess. Hopefully this isn't the end of his career. We all make mistakes. As for feeling any 'guilt' about hosting 'Drake Night' in 'Meek's city'? No, not in the slightest.”

The event has been so successful that Garcia, Magglezzz and Joe are taking it on the road this fall. They’ll be stopping by Baby’s Alright in Brooklyn starting Oct. 7, and they’re also working on a D.C. edition.

Keep an eye out for it.