Mick Jenkins has been steadily becoming a name to watch out for after dropping his new EP, Wave[s]. “Get Up Get Down” was the single that coincided with the EP’s announcement and he’s released the official video today.

The 24-year-old Chicago rapper, who we recently profiled this week, is noticeably absent from the visuals directed by Nathan R. Smith and Sebastian Sdaigui. But the entire meaning of “Get Up Get Down” is a lot deeper – even if things are all bad, there’s always a brighter side to look forward to. This concept is illustrated through three teens that radiate positivity. No matter what happens, they keep a smile on their face as they hit various locations and pull off some extreme dance moves. Don’t kill their vibes.

“Get Up Get Down,” produced by Stefan Ponce and ThemPeople, is a standout that you’ll need to rewind back. Check out the visual above, and pick up Wave[s] on iTunes.