As the hip-hop community continues to mourn the tragic passing of Sean Price, some of his closest friends are thinking of creative ways to carry on his legacy. One event that is already in motion is the first ever Sean Price fishing trip, which Sadat X announced via his Instagram page earlier today.

The trip, which is coming up in a couple of weeks, costs $50 and will cover a night of fun and remembrance of Sean Price. The idea for the group fishing trip comes from one of Sean's last tweets where he talked about how relaxing it was when he went out to Sheepshead Bay one weekend. Limited spots are available for the trip, and those interested can contact Sadat through his IG page here

The first annual Sean P fishing trip is coming up in a couple of weeks !!! 50$ is the price for a night of fun and remembrance . We are going to start collecting the bread next week , it's limited space so the first 40 we collect from is whose going . You wanna go? Holla