Producer: DJ Paul, Juicy J
Album: When The Smoke Clears
Label: Loud

The apocalyptic buzz that begins "Sippin' On Some Syrup"—the song that begins Three 6 Mafia's When The Smoke Clears, the group's first platinum disc—is so terrifying and otherworldly and filthy that you would never guess it was lifted directly from 1978 recording of Marvin Gaye's "Is That Enough." That is the genius of DJ Paul and Juicy J: they could extract the inner menace of vintage soul cuts, thereby bridging the paranoia and desperation of late-period Marvin to the elated wickedness of mid-career Mafia. As far as quotables go, this song's only rival is Mike Jones' 2004 hit "Still Tippin'," another tune about sipping that spawned a thousand sequels. From Paul's "duck-duck goose" to Juicy's "pup-pup powder" to Bun B's reference to the jazz standard "Perdido," these are lines you memorize without even trying. Think of a song that's badder than this and you'll inevitably hear Pimp C in your head telling you to "take that monkey shit off, you're embarrassing us." —Sam Sweet