Tame Imapala fans have been patiently waiting for the band's third studio album and today it gets it's highly-anticipated release. With a tour that culminated at New York's Governor's Ball last month, the Australian band headed by frontman Kevin Parker sat down with us to talk directly to us about throwing the rule book out the window to steer his band to the top with a new brand of psych-rock. Not to mention his girlfriend Soph who "loves Complex" (hi Soph!).

Today, we can hear the fruit of the band's labor throughout the entirety of Currents. Kevin explained that a change was going to come and it did. With "Eventually" and "Cause I'm A Man" leading the way for the album, one listen and you can still hear the band's spaced out, riff-heavy psychedelic pop sounds that made the band popular in the first place flow throughout the entire album. There is also a deep-grooving rock that instantly grabs you on the opening track "Let It Happen" and never relents as the band's categorical psych-pop dives into unchartered territory where luscious instrumentation, balmy melodies and funk-ridden synths relinquish control to create a new wave of acid-washed house that could very well be listened to next to Daft Punk's Random Access Memories"That’s the mentality behind the album—don’t try to control what you are," Kevin told us. "You can’t control who you are, or who you are turning into, or who you become. It’s up to a greater force within you. Currents—you know?"

Stream the new album Currents below on Spotify or pick up the album out now on iTunes.